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Wickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profiler

Wickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profiler

Wickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profiler

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: wickon thermal profiler
Certification: if you want to agency our profiler,please contact
Model Number: wickon X6 thermal profiler

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: 2500-6000 usd exw shenzhen
Packaging Details: foam +carton
Delivery Time: within 10 days after payment
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 600 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Website: Www.wickon.net Usage: Industrial, Reflow Oven Temeperature Profile Test
Theory: Temperature Recorder Accuracy: ±0.5℃(Full Scale)
Temperature Range:: -150℃~1370℃ Sampling Frequency:: 0.05s~60Min
Run Voltage:: 3.7V~4.2VDC Max. Inner Runtemperature: 105℃
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Wickon Thermal Profiler Temperature Profiling Wave Solder Process X6  

Advantage with  others

compare  wickon others
Connector USB (connection and charger) com connector
Data points 4000000 points 224,640 points(KIC)
Channel more( less(7.9.12)
Chip can keep all the data when no power can’t keep
Resolution +_0.01 accuracy +_0.1 accuracy
Volume  small easy to take big hard to take
Software just one window can editor all item data need one by one
Temperature Range -150℃~1370℃ -150C to 1050C
Start-up model  BY air,temperature and switch just buy temperature or switch


Technology Parameters



Test Channel    


Sampling  frequency      





±0.5℃(Full scale)

Max. inner runtemperature    


Temperature range


Run Voltage


Thermocouple Types

K wire(TT OR GG0.010inch/0.254mm)

Start-up mode

Switch button,starts the temperature

Language version

Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), English, etc.

simulation fuction


PCC intelligent analysis module



 Temperature Profiling Picture ShowWickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profilerWickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profilerWickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profiler

Our Products

Wickon Thermal Profiler X6 Testing equipment,KIC start,KIC 2000 thermal profiler

1.Comprehensive Monitoring for Temperature curve 


For high temperature industries(sintering furnace, annealing furnace, IR oven, spray, reflow and wave soldering, etc.) Statistical analysis for process, Control of product quality  exactly, improve work efficiency, reduce scrap rates, to reduce product costs .


 Our SURVEYYOR can be adjusted enhancements to control the furnace temperature stability, than reduce the amount of our test board ,not only save company's cost  , but also improve work efficiency.


Temperature chart recorder also can  enter unleaded process quickly.Whenever the introduction of a new product or paste than  they need to be optimized for the reflow oven set - which is a time-consuming process.Equipment ROS of Wickon by calculating the best ovens, product and recycled to set the target temperature curve settings.Only a few seconds instead of several hours from  others.


A: High efficiency, continuous data stored 24 times, downloaded to a computer packet analysis and processing;


B: modular analysis mode, simple, fast analysis system based on PC (Windows)


And PDA (Pocket) for data analysis;


C:Low power, battery, up to 168 hours of continuous use of the above,


365 ultra-long standby, without deliberately charging;


D:Communication mode uses USB transfer, for a variety of work environments and application areas


E: rigorous manufacturing process and accurate calibration services, all correction are used FLUKE-724 school


Positive, with China's largest institutional partners CTI calibration.


F: ensure that each machine is accurate, reliable, small size, large storage capacity (5,000,000 Data


Point), the use of FLASH memory chips, will not lose any accident data;


G: High stability


H:fairly long life, there is now a lot more than a decade of use WICKON life company


I:multichannel recorder obtain maximum element temperature curve.


J:insulated box can cope with the most severe heat deputy shot process (using black box technology)


K:Powerful Insight software is now with the process of measuring volatility,


L: temperature profile and the ability to predict SPC calculations.


2. the principle FOR   Profiler  :


(1) Data Logger


Wickon Q series data loggers are used in the recycling process today's most accurate recorder. It has a precision of ± 0.5, 0.1 degree resolution and 5,000,000 readings more storage capacity, it can provide detailed information on the depth of the analysis process. X series with a direct USB communication characteristics, so that information can be transmitted as quickly as possible from the data recorder to a PC.


(2) Hot Box


Wickon used in lead-free solder protection under common temperature loggers. It uses the "black box" flight recorder on an aircraft instrument same insulation technology, is enclosed in a rugged stainless steel housing.


(3) the basic principles of thermocouple


A conductor or semiconductor and B of two different materials welded together, form a closed loop. When there is a temperature difference between two contacts conductors A and B, they generate thermal electromotive force between the two, a phenomenon known as the thermoelectric effect. Thermocouple is to use this effect to work.


(4) Insight Software Features




All the usual features are based wizard, such as tolerance curve, technical documents. Even with fairly complex analysis, the wizard guides you step by step through the process temperature curve test, make sure to complete all phases of the test and save training time.




The new features are available to alert you when an error prompt. Numerical analysis can give any one domain set alarms. If a value exceeds the limit, an alert appears on the screen so you can quickly identify the problem.


SPC historical data to calculate


Insight software enables users to quickly and easily with a temperature curve historical data for SPC calculations. So - to the stability and capacity of the welding process can be tested.


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