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Factory supply stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner

Factory supply stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner

Factory supply  stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SMT nozzle cleaner machine
Model Number: SME-24

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: SMT cleaner machine MOQ is 1 set
Price: SMT nozzle cleaner EXW price is 5800usd-7800usd
Packaging Details: SMT nozzle cleaner packing with wooden case
Delivery Time: within 5-8 days after received payment
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 1000set smt nozzle cleaner per month
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Detailed Product Description
Item: SMT Nozzle Cleaner Whatspp: +8613424013606
Email: Joy@wickon.net Skype: Sensenhenhao
Gas Source: 0.5-0.7Mpa Power Supply: AC220V1A
Cleaning Fluid: Distilled Water Or Industrial Deionized Water Cleaning Time: 2-3min
Drying Time: 1-3min Jet Pressure: Less Than 0.55Mpa
Cleaning Fluid Consumption: Less Than 150cc/hour Cleaning Nozzle Range: 01005-diameter2.0mm
Fixture Specifications: Small Nozzle 24holes/big Nozzle 12 Holes Nozzle Cleaner Size: 665*555*475mm
Weight: 40kg Package: Wooden Case

Factory supply stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner



Contrast with traditional cleaning:

1, Artificial wind guns

① Manual cleaning efficiency is low, the nozzle surface and the lumen can not be cleaned, the hole with a steel wire stabbed easily damaged;

② Cleaning effect difference;

③ The use of cleaning fluid and alcohol may penetrate to cause the reflective layer to fall off.


2, Ultrasonic cleaning

① Low cost and high efficiency;

② Cleaning process can easily lead to collision

between the nozzle, resulting in damage to the surface

of the black coating or fall off;

③ Cleaning fluid on the nozzle surface coating damage, greatly reducing the use of nozzle life;

④ Can not completely clean the nozzle surface and lumen;

⑤ For the latest 01005 and 0201 nozzle can not be a

good cleaning, mainly due to the nozzle hole is too small, ultrasonic cleaning can cause vacuum bubbles can not be discharged and cleaning is not clean.

Factory supply  stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner

Contrast with ultrasonic cleaning:

Factory supply  stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner


Cleaning Principle:

SME-24 nozzle cleaning machine with a unique mechanical design, the use of fluid mechanics will be shredded, resulting in very small high-pressure water mist to the speed of sound (V = 360m / s) to form a strong kinetic energy spray to the nozzle, Clean the top of the nozzle to form a continuous energy field, thoroughly smash the surface and internal dirt (due to the nozzle is placed independently, in the cleaning process will not damage the nozzle), in the cleaning process cleaning fluid (deionized water or distilled water ) Automatic direct discharge.


User-friendly features:

1. Machine using high-quality touch screen man-machine interface, PLC control; simple operation.

2. Pneumatic part of the use of all imports of Japanese SMC pneumatic components to ensure that the machine stable and efficient operation.

3. Washing room, sink and floor all use 304 stainless steel, special parts of the use of imported 316 stainless steel precision machining, to ensure that the whole machine will not rust due to the use of water, thus affecting equipment life and other security risks.

Factory supply  stainless steel 304 auto nozzle ultrasonic cleaner

Machine Features:

1. Completely solve the dirt is difficult to clean the dirt impurities.

2. Strong cleaning capacity, can be cleaned on the market any microporous nozzle.

3. Cleaning effect is good, extend the service life of the nozzle.

4. No damage to the surface of the nozzle coating, reflective plate.

5. Only need to use environmentally friendly deionized water or distilled water to clean.

6. Automatic cleaning and drying.

7. Easy to operate.

8. Applicable to any brand of placement machine nozzle.


Economic benefits:

1. Reduce the purchase cost of the nozzle:

Use SME-24 after the cleaning machine can be a good solution to the dirty dirty and scrapped, so as to achieve extended service life.

2. reduce labor;

As the machine uses automatic cleaning, so no special person responsible for all the machine automatically completed the entire process.

3. To effectively reduce the throwing rate and product yield, improve SMT productivity; a large part of the production process is due to the dirty surface of the nozzle and the cavity is too dirty caused by throwing or loading shift

Bit, resulting in poor post-sequence welding. After using the washing machine can make the nozzle always protect the new state, greatly improve the production efficiency.

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